Tournament Setup

Each Team will play a minimum of 5 games outside of forfeits/last minute pull outs out of our control. The Majority of teams outside of A grades will make finals and play at least one more game on Sundays.

Game schedules will be the exact same as VJBL timing rules with the only difference being 20 minute halves rather than 10 minute quarters to make it less likely games run long and cause delays.

2024 Tournament Dates

  • Thursday 25th January (from approx. 4pm)
  • Friday 26th January (all day – Australia Day Public Holiday)
  • Saturday 27th January (all day)
  • Sunday 28th January (finals to finish approx. mid-afternoon)

Age Groups

Under 10 – those born 2015 and younger
Under 12 – those born 2013 and younger
Under 14 – those born 2011 and younger
Under 16 – those born 2009 and younger
Under 18 – those born 2007 and younger
Under 20 – those born 2005 and younger


We spend quite some time analysing VJBL results to do our best to provide good grading. The large number of entries assists in helping this process. We ask Associations to provide information which is helpful for grading. The organisers reserve the right to re-grade if the information supplied is misleading.

A GRADE – Strictly limited to just 24 teams. It is for teams which expect to be in Victorian Championship (Victorian teams) or equivalent interstate or international standard. This tournament regularly attracts most of the top ranked teams in Victoria.

A RESERVE – This is for teams who are aiming at Victorian Championship, but are maybe on the fringe. Likewise for mid to lower ranked Division 1 teams from interstate/overseas. Like A Grade it will be played on a one hour schedule and will feature teams from Eltham and Dandenong sections. Where possible teams will be grouped to assist with travel

B GRADE –In general terms, is aimed towards teams aiming for VJL1-4 grades of competition within the VJBL. There will be multiple ‘grades of competition’ within B Grade.

C GRADE –Generally aimed towards Regional division teams within the VJBL competition. There will be multiple ‘grades of competition’ within C Grade.

DOMESTIC TEAMS –We welcome warmly domestic teams and we have a special grade or grades for them in most age groups. Where teams believe they are strong enough, they may enter into the higher grades. In some age groups we have found domestic teams can be combined with lower VJBL teams with no adverse impact on domestic teams. We exempt

Team Registrations

2024 Registrations are now open and can be found at

Individual Registrations

Player Registrations is now open – please note that the TEAM needs to be registered before a player can register.

Charges (fees include GST)

  • In 2024 the team registration fee will be $100
  • Once the team is registered there is a player registration fee of $62.50 which all participants must pay
  • This includes door entry into every stadium for all players, coaches & spectators. There will be no other charges on the weekend. All charges include a processing fee.


We do our best to meet compatibility requests around coaches. This is almost always possible when coaches are coaching 2 teams, but not always when coaching 3 sides.

Minimising Travel

We seek to minimise travel during the tournament. For instance Waverley teams are not fixtured at Keilor and vice versa. We allow a minimum of 90 minutes between the finish of one game of a team and the commencement of the next one.

Player Limits

In a tournament the FIBA rules state twelve players can be used in a game. We abide by this rule.

Further Enquiries

You are welcome to make further enquiries on 9439 5686 or by email